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Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #11 Grovia AIO

Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #11 Grovia AIO

Maybe I should specify AIO = All in one. Meaning no cover, or stuffing of inserts. Just put it on and go!

I figured since I just did a review on the GroBaby Hybrid system yesterday, I would post my review for the new Grovia (previously known as GroBaby) all in one, one size diaper.

Go back to yesterday's post for more about the Grovia company and how they started and grew to what they are today.

I was lucky enough to be able to test their new Grovia AIO diaper. They posted some slots on their facebook fan page and they were gone within a minute or two. It was fast, what a rush! I lucked out and got a spot and could not wait to try out the "mystery" product.

I was thrilled to see it was a diaper, but not sure how I felt about it being an all in one diaper. I am not the biggest AIO fan out there, I hate the dry time of them. However I was surprised to see that it didn't take longer to dry than my regular prefolds, that changed my opinion of this all in one diaper right away.
This one is also one size, and I am a huge fan of one size diapers. My son is still on the smallest setting for it because he is such a skinny guy, I am sure it will have no problem lasting him until he is potty trained. It is a side snapping diaper, not a huge fan of the side snaps either, I find it tricky to get the right fit, but with this AIO the tabs are super stretchy and makes it easier to get a great fit.

The best part about this diaper, in my opinion is that it is made of organic cotton, so you know the best is next to your baby's bottom. It is trim fitting, fits great under clothes and it is super absorbent! We have used it overnight, with no issues at all. It doesn't leak and it has contained poop just great. It is also a great price for an all in one diaper. Just $21.95US for this one size diaper.

Here are my Pros/Cons of the Grovia AIO


  • Very user friendly, the perfect "daddy" diaper. No stuffing inserts, snapping in inserts, adding a cover. Just put it on and go
  • The side wings are very stretchy and make for a great fit
  • The diaper is very trim, especially for a one size
  • Made from organic cotton, the inside is very soft
  • Dries quickly for an all in one diaper (as long as my prefolds usually)
  • Side snaps so there is no wing droop
  • Snapping diapers stay in better shape longer than hook and loop diapers
  • Absorbs floods! Literally contains super soakers and works great for overnight
  • Mine stained really quickly, unlike other diapers I have
  • There are only 3 colours available right now - pink, blue and the vanilla
  • I sometimes have a hard time getting the side snaps done up while my son is on the run
Overall I can't say there are too many cons to this diaper. I
think it is my favourite all in one diaper that I have tried, although I have not tried a whole bunch of them. It is one size, so it will hopefully last birth to potty training, saving you money in the long run. If you want to have an entire stash of all in one diapers you will have have to spend quite a bit, and make sure you have 24-36 of them. It will also be a lot of laundry. This coming from a lover of prefolds and covers and all in two systems :)
They are a great daddy diaper or diaper bag diaper. Quick and easy to use!

Make sure to check out the GroVia website here

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