Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #2 - Very Baby AIO's

Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #2 - Very Baby AIO's

These were my first cloth diaper purchase, I got them off of the buy/sell forum on When I got them in the mail I could not believe how tiny they were and how cute they looked! I carried them around in my purse showing them off to everyone I knew, it got me really excited to cloth diaper.

First off let me explain about Very Baby. Very Baby was started by Jessica, who was frustrated by how hard it was to find quality cloth diaper making products. She opened One Stop Diaper Shop in April 2002 selling hard to find cloth diaper fabric, specialty notions and diaper sewing patterns. After a few years of growth they merged One Stop Diaper Shop with their diaper pattern company, Very Baby. In 2007 Very Baby launched and has continued to be successful.

Very Baby diaper patterns can be purchased on their website and range from $9.95 for their One Size Pocket diapers to $10.95 for their Very Basic All in One diaper pattern. You can also buy all your materials to make these diapers as well. How much more convenient can you get?

Of course if you are not a sewer and just want to try out one of their diapers they have approved Very Baby Seamstresses that sell the diapers online. One of the sites is Tallulah Baby, and they sell the Very Basic All in One diapers for $17.00 for their newborn size. To see their other approved seamstresses and to find out more click here.

I bought these diapers used, from a mama who made them. I wanted to try out some all in one diapers, thinking they would make the transition to cloth diapering easier, since all in one's are as close to a disposable diaper as you can get. I started using them when my son, Luke was a week old. I bought the newborn size which fits to 12lbs. There are multiple sizes so you can get that perfect fit! Newborn, Small, Medium, Medium-Long (longer rise), Large and Extra Large. I loved using this diapers, but soon realized that all in one diapers were just not for me, which was why when he outgrow them I didn't purchase the next size.

Here is my pro/con list of the Very Baby AIO diapers, keep in mind different diapers fit different babies and this was my experience from using them with a newborn.

  • If you are a sewer you can buy the pattern, buy the fabric and make a ton of diapers and save yourself money
  • Even if you aren't a sewer the prices for their All in One diapers already made are reasonably priced for that type of diaper
  • The AIO diapers are so easy to use, no stuffing, snapping in inserts, folding, just put it on the baby like a disposable diaper
  • The many sizes help get a perfect, trim fit for your baby. I could use the newborn size right from the get go
  • Perfect diaper bag diaper!
  • Contained that explosive newborn poop great
  • Never had a leak of any sort with these diapers
  • I quickly found out all in one's were not for me. They take a long time to dry!
  • To keep the PUL in good shape they recommend air drying, which means it can take 24-36 hours to get the diapers dry! (it was the middle of winter) I didn't have enough diapers to have some out of rotation for 2 days to be washed/dryed
  • The newborn size gets outgrown quickly, but the small size doesn't start fitting right from the beginning.
  • I found the diapers got a little "crunchy" over time

Some people love all in ones, and then I would recommend you try these ones with their great fit. But for me, even now, I am not a fan of all in one diapers, I don't mind having to stuff, fold or snap in an insert.

If you are a sewer, I would recommend buying the pattern and making some!



  1. Thank you for this great review! A few little comments:

    We make a quick dry version of the Very Basic All in One, which dries much faster.

    We do *not* recommend air drying! Heavens, that would take forever! See the first paragraph here:


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