Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #5 bumGenius 3.0

Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #5 bumGenius 3.0

A few weeks ago an announcement was made that shocked the cloth diaper community. Cotton Babies was discontinuing their beloved bumGenius 3.0 diaper. It was later announced that the 4.0 was coming out with changes everyone would be sure to love. This review is on the 3.0 version, one of my very favourite diapers and my leak proof nighttime diaper, I look forward to adding my review for the 4.0 product in the near future.

Jennifer Labit is the women behind bumGenius diapers. Their company, Cotton Babies, began with $100 worth of product in a green milkcrate, and continued to expand throughout their household, until 2005 when they moved into their first commercial space and 2006 they opened the first retail store. In 2005 they launched the bumGenius product line. Their products are both made in Denver, Colorado and Alexandria Egypt. The products sold in the US are generally made at the US location, where all the international orders come from the Egypt factory.

bumGenius' product line includes the One Size bumGenius 3.0, a discontinued Bamboo fitted, all in one diapers, an organic line, Flip and Econobum. This review is for the now discontinued One Size 3.0

I heard a lot about these diapers while I was pregnant and deciding which type of diaper to go with. I read about a lot of women who used these as their bullet proof night time option. I ended up buying one in every colour (except the pinks) and these are what I still use at night time. They are a one size diaper, meant to fit from 8-35lbs. My son is right now about 18lbs, at 16 months and is at the second rise setting on the diaper. The diapers are easy to use, stuff the one size microfiber insert into the pocket, put it on your baby, and velcro shut! Easy as that. At first they looked like they would be hugeon my newborn, but they turned out to fit very well with the newborn insert.

The inner fabric that touches your baby is soft, sueded that wicks away the moisture and even after 12 hours overnight my little one's bum is nice and dry. The leg casings fit great around my son's thighs to prevent leaks and explosions, and we have only ever had a handful of leaks, mostly due to human error.

Here is my list of pros and cons on the diaper. Keep in mind these diapers have been used daily for over 16 months now. They are oldest diapers I am still currently using.

  • One size option makes them more cost effective. They will last you until potty training (hopefully)
  • Convenient if you have 2 in diapers, just adjust the rise setting and you can fit them on your newborn and toddler
  • Cute colours! I love the Twilight colour (possibly because I am a huge twilight fan? Who knows!)
  • My little guys bum always feels dry even if the diaper weighs almost as much as he does in the morning
  • I can put him to bed in this diaper and not be worried about him waking up wet. He was soaking through a disposable at nighttime, but this diaper held up against leaks!
  • Well known brand, with a ton of users that would be more than happy to help you out if you are having any problems

  • I have got to say, my least favourite thing about these diapers is the fact that I have to reach into the diaper and pull out the insert before washing. After a long night, it is a soaking wet, warm, insert and there is just no way around it without getting your fingers wet
  • The hook and loop wears out. It is a part of usage, and I can't wait to see the new hook and loop improvements on the 4.0, but my well loved 3.0's have lost most of their sticking power and will need to be converted to snaps
  • I have only had elastic problems with 1 diaper, and it was a bumGenius diaper. It was fairly easy to fix it, and their improvements have made it even easier to replace
  • A little one the pricier side. I am a cheap person, and I have found other pocket diapers that are comparable for almost $10 less a diaper
  • The microfiber "stink" I have to strip them fairly frequently to keep the ammonia smell away
Seeing as I have used these diapers for so long, that despite the cons I listed I still use them and encourage other families to try them out. I am looking forward to trying the 4.0 diapers to see the improvements. Including, a more generous size (isn't really needed for my super tiny guy), snap option, and easier to replace the elastic. Plus the new colours.

Visit the Cotton Babies website to learn more about their bumGenius diapers here or find their facebook page here. They don't have contests regularly like some other diaper companies but they did have a photo contest last summer. The pictures in this entry are ones I took for the contest, and I did not mind that my neighbours stared at me like a crazy person while setting up my diaper line down by the water.

Stay tuned for my 4.0 review coming soon!


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