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Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #4 - Happy Heiny Pocket Diapers

Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #4 - Happy Heiny Pocket Diapers

Happy Heiny's slogan is "Diapers you can use with confidence." You don't want to be using a product and be worried about having a leak, or a poop explosion. You want to find a product that does what it is meant to do, while looking good at the same time! Happy Heinys are one of the most popular brands of cloth diapers out there. They were one of the first I heard about when I started looking into cloth diapers, and some of their patterns are adorable. In the above picture my son is wearing the Jolly Roger pattern, perfect for a little boy.

While browsing the Happy Heiny website, they take pride in the fact that many celebrities are not only choosing cloth diapers for their babies, but are also choosing to use Happy Heinys! They have a list of celebrities and also pictures of their babies wearing their diapers. One of them is Melissa Joan Hart, you may remember her as Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Happy Heinys have also been featured in magazines, if the media is giving them coverage, they must be worth trying!

Mike and Linda are the creators of Happy Heinys, they have three children, their youngest (who is now not so young!) was the original Happy Heiny baby and the reason behind the beginning on their amazing diapers. Their goal started out like many parents, wanting to be able to stay home with their kids while they are young.

The Happy Heiny product line contains One Size Diapers, One Size Snap Diapers, Mini One Size diapers, Pocket Diapers, Fitted Diapers, Diaper covers, Trainers, Inserts, Organic Heiny Spray, and Wetbags.

Today I am going to review the small pocket diapers I used, and in the future you will see the other products as well.

The Happy Heiny pocket diapers are designed so the only material touching your baby's sensitive skin is the soft fleece. No leg casings, which makes for a better fitting diaper, contains messes better and also doesn't leave a red mark on your little one's legs. The diapers come in both velcro and snaps, for which ever you find more convenient (or whichever your toddler can't remove him/herself).

I used a few small Happy Heinys in the early weeks with my son. They fit after about 2.5 weeks and the smalls lasted for about 5 months before they became too tight. They were easy to stuff, no leaks, they didn't stain, they were very soft against his bum, fit great around his legs, even when they didn't have a lot of chub on them and of course I loved the patterns I had.

Here are a few of the Pros/Cons I found while using these diapers

  • Softest inside compared to other pocket diapers we used
  • No red marks were left on his legs
  • The aplix stuck well
  • The laundry tabs actually worked really well
  • No leaks or explosive poop that got out
  • A ton of solid colours to choose from and a lot of adorable patterns (like Pink Hibiscus, Silly Monkeys, Cow Hide, Tie Dye, and Cheetah
  • The smalls fit from almost the beginning but didn't last that long
  • The waist tab is really wide, which I found looked uncomfortable for my baby when he was sitting
  • The inside goes "pilly" looking after some uses
  • The inserts are microfiber which can get a "stink" to them
The Happy Heiny sized pocket diapers are $14.95 US each. That is a reasonable price for the well made, quality diaper you receive. If you own some of these diapers don't forget to submit a picture for their photo contests. I love companies that have giveaways like this, once a month a new Happy Heiny baby is picked. You can see the past winners here

Their website is great, easy to navigate and full of a ton of information make sure to check it out here

Thanks for reading my Happy Heiny sized Pocket review, be sure to check back for more Happy Heiny product reviews in the future.

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