Monday, July 19, 2010

Cloth Diaper Challenge Day # 8 bumGenius Bamboo Fitted Diaper

Cloth Diaper Challenge Day # 8 bumGenius Bamboo Fitted Diaper

Another amazing product from bumGenius! Unfortunately these diapers have been discontinued and no word yet on a possible replacement for these much loved bamboo fitteds!

To learn more about bumGenius look back a couple at my review on the bumGenius 3.0s. I won't repeat all the company information, just a review on the Bamboo fitted diaper today.
The Bamboo fitted was made for parents who were looking for a fitted diaper (one that is not waterpoof, a cover needs to be used for these diapers) and also natural fibers to be against their baby's delicate skin. The bamboo diaper is super soft and absorbs moisture and is made from 80% bamboo and 20% polyester. The soaker is made from Cotton Babies microfiber terry insert.

These diapers are super trim and come in extra small, small, medium and large. I bought mediums for my son last summer (at 6 months old) and he is still wearing them now at almost 18 months old. The xsmall size can fit a newborn because they were designed to fit under the umbilicus to keep the entire area free of moisture and dampness. I wouldn't recommend them as a night time option, but I love using them during the day without a cover.

Here are my pros and cons for the bumGenius Bamboo Fitted diaper

  • Very trim diaper
  • Natural fibers against your baby's soft skin
  • The diaper is very soft even after many washes
  • Avoid diaper rash and heat rash in the summer with a breathable fitted diaper
  • They don't get a stink to them because they are made of natural fibers
  • Reasonably priced brand new at $12.95 US
  • They have been discontinued so the only way to get your hands on these is to find them used
  • They are a multi size diaper, so you would have to purchase, xsmalls, smalls, mediums and larges as your baby grows
  • They do need a cover if your child is going to wear clothes over them
  • I find once my son pees in it the entire diaper is saturated. Other fitteds we have used only soak in the front
  • The hook and loop (velcro) is not as sticky after a year of use
  • They stain easily. Not just poop stains, but the outside of mine are a greyish colour because they take on every other colour diaper in the washing machine. After a year of use they are not the nice natural colour anymore
I had a beautiful collection of PUL diapers and then last summer my DS would break out in a heat rash so I had to buy some fitted diapers. I love fitted diapers, and I use them in the warm months and not as often in the winter. If you find a few of these diapers used I would say go ahead and try them! They are super trim, absorb well, and look adorable. Maybe bumGenius will bring out a new bamboo fitted product? Perhaps a one size option?

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