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Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #10 GroBaby AI2

Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #10 GroBaby AI2

Technically these diapers are now known as "Grovia" However I bought them when GroBaby just came out and the Grovia version has a few modifications to them. This review is on the old style GroBaby All in 2 system. As soon as I get my hands on one of the new GroVia I will be sure to add my review and all the differences I noticed.

A ton of changes have taken place to get to where GroVia is today. It all began as Montana's Diaper Shop, an online retail site operating out of owner Kim's laundry room and quickly expanded. In 2008, Kim created a line of eco-friendly parenting products and developed the Natural Baby Company. GroBaby became a huge success after it's launch in 2009. It was a very unique cloth diapering system and the forums at were going crazy. I got caught up in the hypeof these new diaper system and of course had to purchase it not long after it was released.

What is so special about the GroBaby system? For one, it is one size, meaning it will hopefully fit your newborn or your toddler. There is the outside, that had a wipeable mesh inside, and a snap in soaker. The insert can be unsnapped and the outside cover reused for multiple uses. This saves money, you can buy a few covers and then multiple inserts and also being able to use the same diapers from birth to potty training.

They have since released a Bio Soaker pad, made with biodegradeable and compostable materials to use on the go, or instead of the cloth inserts. These turned this all in two system into a hybrid system. The shell sets (include 1 cover + 1 insert) are $24.95 US, the 2 pack of soaker pads are $16.95US. If you are interested in only using this system you can purchase the GroVia Live Package which includes 12 shells, 24 soakers and 4 boosters (for nighttime diapering).

I have been using my original GroBaby diapers since my son was about 2 months old. I can't wait to try out the GroVia as they made some modifications, including adding a waterproof layer to the back of the soaker pads.

Here are my pros/cons of this product. I just wanted to add what my husband had to say about GroBabys. "I put a GroBaby on him, it is so easy, I just had to snap in the insert!" My husband is not a "cloth" person. He will change a diaper once in a blue moon, but never does it on his own. I asked him if he put a diaper on Luke (after his bath) and he told me about his love for the GroBaby diapers

  • One size, I love one size diapers because they save money and it is easy to switch between two kids both in diapers
  • Being able to snap in a new insert instead of replacing the entire diaper, saves laundry and money
  • They keep releasing more and more colours and prints. It started with just Mandarin, Kiwi and Blackberry and they have quickly expanded to more solid colours and also prints
  • They come in hook and loop, but you can pay for them to be converted to snaps
  • Leg gussets do a great job holding in the poop!
  • The hook and loop is not scratchy, it is very soft.
  • You can switch between the cloth and the biosoakers for convenience
  • They always have contests on their facebook page!
  • They do work for overnight with the booster, haven't had a leak!
  • This apparently has been fixed with the new GroVia version, but the original GroBaby gets a "pee" smell to the outside shells pretty quickly (after 1 use sometimes)
  • Poop always gets on the outside shell, and needs to be washed before it can be reused
  • The hook and loop no longer sticks now that they have been in use over a year
  • They are the bulkiest diaper on my baby, they give him a huge butt
  • The soakers don't stay nice and soft and white. Mine are a tanish/brownish colour now, no longer super soft either

As mentioned above, they are great about doing contests. I have won a few photo contests and won some free products. You should become a fan on facebook if you own some of their products so you can participate in the great giveaways. They even put up tester slots now and then. I have been lucky enough to test two of their products!

I would love to try the newer version because my biggest complaint about the diaper is the stink the shells get after one use. Apparently with the added waterproof layer on the back of the soakers this is no longer a problem. I can deal with the bigger butt they give me son (some people have said these are the trimmest diapers they have used! Each baby is built different) as long as his diaper doesn't smell like pee all the time!

They have just created a Biodiaper and also an AIO diaper, so stay tuned for more reviews from GroVia products! Visit their website here

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