Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cloth Diaper Challenge Day # 6 DryBees Fleece Nighttimes

Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #6 DryBees Fleece Nighttime Pocket

I hate to say it, but I don't have a picture of Luke in this diaper! Darn! I thought I was pretty good about taking a picture of him in every diaper he wore, but I guess I missed this one. He wore the small DryBees Overnight Fleece diaper only a handful of times before I switched to the bumGenius for overnights. I guess I forgot to take pictures of him right before bed in this diaper.

DryBees started out in 2003 with just 5 yards of fabric. The products were all made at the kitchen table of Lisa Adkins at night once her children were in bed. DryBees started to take off, and soon there was more orders than she could sew in a night. With her mother taking on the seamstress job, the business continued to grow. In 2005 she lost her mother and could not keep up with the growing demand, and she took on a new seamstress who works in the comfort of her own home so she can be with her children. DryBees is located in West Virginia.

DryBees product line includes an All in One diaper, DryBees Lacies, Night time diapers, and fitted diapers. My review today is on the night time fleece diapers which I tried when my son was a few weeks old.

I bought two of the DryBees Night Times to use at night time. They are made of fleece and very soft. I would want to wear one to bed if I had to! They are made out of the same pattern as the other DryBees diaper but made with heavy weight malden mills windpro fleece. In the description it does say because of the fabric used to make them they are more bulky than typical PUL pocket diapers. These diapers were brought back by popular demand.

The DryBees Night times are priced at $19.50 each US. It is a good price for a quality night time cloth diaper. They come in a variety of colours including baby blue, black, brick, orange, cobalt, lemonade, navy, charcoal, mocha and more! No cover is needed, and they each come with an insert to use in the pocket diaper.

I really didn't use these diapers a whole lot to give you a pros/cons of them. I liked how soft they were, how well they absorbed, how dry my baby felt when he woke up in the mornings. However they were way to bulky for my little guy. I had a hard time fitting pj's overtop of this diaper and his legs looked to be a mile apart. Each diaper fits different babies, and I just had a very skinny baby and I found they were not the best fit. Of course if I tried one now they might fit him a lot better.

If you are having a hard time finding a nighttime solution I suggest you look into these. They have worked well for many babies, which is why they brought this diaper back. I am sorry I don't have any action shots for you. I will make sure it doesn't happen in the future.

Check out the DryBees website for more on their overnight diapers and their other products here

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  1. I use this diaper for my 22 month old at night time and have not had one issue with them yet. He has yet to wet through this diaper. It washes up very well and yes it is very big! I think his butt is about 2-3 inches bigger in it! That is the only con about this diaper. I use a super-du in the pocket for this diaper.