Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #9 Thirsties AIO

Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #9 Thirsties AIO

I know, I know, I am on some kind of "discontinued diaper" kick. I swear I am just trying to go back in time to tell you about all the diapers I have already used before I go forward and I just happen to have used some diapers that have sincebeen discontinued. I don't know WHY these diapers were discontinued, I thought they were fantastic. Of course you can find them used, check out the forums on or some retailers may still have a bit in
stock. I know I still have a few larges hanging around.

This AIO diaper was made by Thirsties. I have already done an entry on one of their products, so to read about the company check out this entry

Do you see how adorable my little guy
is in these pictures? I took these shots in his very first cloth diaper, which happened to be the xsmall Thirsties AIO. They looked the least intimidating to me, no need to add an insert, stuff a pocket or add a cover. Just put them on like a disposable. They do have an opening though for those super soakers to add an extra layer of absorbing material. I put this diaper on him, and took out my camera to grab a few shots of him for his birth announcement. I think he pooped in it within minutes, but no leaks!

I didn't use these diapers very long, probably a month or two until my little guy outgrow the xsmall size. Here are my pros and cons of this diaper.

  • I was not scared to use it! As a first time cloth user it was the first diaper I grabbed, no nonsense, easy to use
  • Has a pocket to add extra layers if your child needs it
  • Dried quicker than my other AIO's that I was using
  • Very soft
  • It was a trim diaper
  • Velcro worked well, I didn't have any issues with it, although I did only use it for a short time
  • No leaks
  • The leg gussets held in the explosive breastmilk poo
  • They sold for a good price for an All in One diaper (around $15-$16 US)
  • They had adorable colours available
  • The Xsmall fit under the umbilical stump
  • The xsmall also fit the scrawny chicken legs of my newborn
  • They were discontinued!
  • There are not so great reviews for this product on
  • Heavy wetters seem to have major leaks with this diaper
  • I found they stained pretty easily and took a while to get the stains out

I don't really have too many other cons. I didn't use these diapers long term, just for the newborn stage and then decided I really didn't want to use AIO diapers. However, they were easy to use, very close to using a disposable diaper, I found they fit my little skinny newborns legs great and never had a leak with them.

If you want to try them, try looking for them used or check out some retailers and you may get lucky!

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