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Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #11 Grovia AIO

Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #11 Grovia AIO

Maybe I should specify AIO = All in one. Meaning no cover, or stuffing of inserts. Just put it on and go!

I figured since I just did a review on the GroBaby Hybrid system yesterday, I would post my review for the new Grovia (previously known as GroBaby) all in one, one size diaper.

Go back to yesterday's post for more about the Grovia company and how they started and grew to what they are today.

I was lucky enough to be able to test their new Grovia AIO diaper. They posted some slots on their facebook fan page and they were gone within a minute or two. It was fast, what a rush! I lucked out and got a spot and could not wait to try out the "mystery" product.

I was thrilled to see it was a diaper, but not sure how I felt about it being an all in one diaper. I am not the biggest AIO fan out there, I hate the dry time of them. However I was surprised to see that it didn't take longer to dry than my regular prefolds, that changed my opinion of this all in one diaper right away.
This one is also one size, and I am a huge fan of one size diapers. My son is still on the smallest setting for it because he is such a skinny guy, I am sure it will have no problem lasting him until he is potty trained. It is a side snapping diaper, not a huge fan of the side snaps either, I find it tricky to get the right fit, but with this AIO the tabs are super stretchy and makes it easier to get a great fit.

The best part about this diaper, in my opinion is that it is made of organic cotton, so you know the best is next to your baby's bottom. It is trim fitting, fits great under clothes and it is super absorbent! We have used it overnight, with no issues at all. It doesn't leak and it has contained poop just great. It is also a great price for an all in one diaper. Just $21.95US for this one size diaper.

Here are my Pros/Cons of the Grovia AIO


  • Very user friendly, the perfect "daddy" diaper. No stuffing inserts, snapping in inserts, adding a cover. Just put it on and go
  • The side wings are very stretchy and make for a great fit
  • The diaper is very trim, especially for a one size
  • Made from organic cotton, the inside is very soft
  • Dries quickly for an all in one diaper (as long as my prefolds usually)
  • Side snaps so there is no wing droop
  • Snapping diapers stay in better shape longer than hook and loop diapers
  • Absorbs floods! Literally contains super soakers and works great for overnight
  • Mine stained really quickly, unlike other diapers I have
  • There are only 3 colours available right now - pink, blue and the vanilla
  • I sometimes have a hard time getting the side snaps done up while my son is on the run
Overall I can't say there are too many cons to this diaper. I
think it is my favourite all in one diaper that I have tried, although I have not tried a whole bunch of them. It is one size, so it will hopefully last birth to potty training, saving you money in the long run. If you want to have an entire stash of all in one diapers you will have have to spend quite a bit, and make sure you have 24-36 of them. It will also be a lot of laundry. This coming from a lover of prefolds and covers and all in two systems :)
They are a great daddy diaper or diaper bag diaper. Quick and easy to use!

Make sure to check out the GroVia website here

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #10 GroBaby AI2

Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #10 GroBaby AI2

Technically these diapers are now known as "Grovia" However I bought them when GroBaby just came out and the Grovia version has a few modifications to them. This review is on the old style GroBaby All in 2 system. As soon as I get my hands on one of the new GroVia I will be sure to add my review and all the differences I noticed.

A ton of changes have taken place to get to where GroVia is today. It all began as Montana's Diaper Shop, an online retail site operating out of owner Kim's laundry room and quickly expanded. In 2008, Kim created a line of eco-friendly parenting products and developed the Natural Baby Company. GroBaby became a huge success after it's launch in 2009. It was a very unique cloth diapering system and the forums at were going crazy. I got caught up in the hypeof these new diaper system and of course had to purchase it not long after it was released.

What is so special about the GroBaby system? For one, it is one size, meaning it will hopefully fit your newborn or your toddler. There is the outside, that had a wipeable mesh inside, and a snap in soaker. The insert can be unsnapped and the outside cover reused for multiple uses. This saves money, you can buy a few covers and then multiple inserts and also being able to use the same diapers from birth to potty training.

They have since released a Bio Soaker pad, made with biodegradeable and compostable materials to use on the go, or instead of the cloth inserts. These turned this all in two system into a hybrid system. The shell sets (include 1 cover + 1 insert) are $24.95 US, the 2 pack of soaker pads are $16.95US. If you are interested in only using this system you can purchase the GroVia Live Package which includes 12 shells, 24 soakers and 4 boosters (for nighttime diapering).

I have been using my original GroBaby diapers since my son was about 2 months old. I can't wait to try out the GroVia as they made some modifications, including adding a waterproof layer to the back of the soaker pads.

Here are my pros/cons of this product. I just wanted to add what my husband had to say about GroBabys. "I put a GroBaby on him, it is so easy, I just had to snap in the insert!" My husband is not a "cloth" person. He will change a diaper once in a blue moon, but never does it on his own. I asked him if he put a diaper on Luke (after his bath) and he told me about his love for the GroBaby diapers

  • One size, I love one size diapers because they save money and it is easy to switch between two kids both in diapers
  • Being able to snap in a new insert instead of replacing the entire diaper, saves laundry and money
  • They keep releasing more and more colours and prints. It started with just Mandarin, Kiwi and Blackberry and they have quickly expanded to more solid colours and also prints
  • They come in hook and loop, but you can pay for them to be converted to snaps
  • Leg gussets do a great job holding in the poop!
  • The hook and loop is not scratchy, it is very soft.
  • You can switch between the cloth and the biosoakers for convenience
  • They always have contests on their facebook page!
  • They do work for overnight with the booster, haven't had a leak!
  • This apparently has been fixed with the new GroVia version, but the original GroBaby gets a "pee" smell to the outside shells pretty quickly (after 1 use sometimes)
  • Poop always gets on the outside shell, and needs to be washed before it can be reused
  • The hook and loop no longer sticks now that they have been in use over a year
  • They are the bulkiest diaper on my baby, they give him a huge butt
  • The soakers don't stay nice and soft and white. Mine are a tanish/brownish colour now, no longer super soft either

As mentioned above, they are great about doing contests. I have won a few photo contests and won some free products. You should become a fan on facebook if you own some of their products so you can participate in the great giveaways. They even put up tester slots now and then. I have been lucky enough to test two of their products!

I would love to try the newer version because my biggest complaint about the diaper is the stink the shells get after one use. Apparently with the added waterproof layer on the back of the soakers this is no longer a problem. I can deal with the bigger butt they give me son (some people have said these are the trimmest diapers they have used! Each baby is built different) as long as his diaper doesn't smell like pee all the time!

They have just created a Biodiaper and also an AIO diaper, so stay tuned for more reviews from GroVia products! Visit their website here

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #9 Thirsties AIO

Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #9 Thirsties AIO

I know, I know, I am on some kind of "discontinued diaper" kick. I swear I am just trying to go back in time to tell you about all the diapers I have already used before I go forward and I just happen to have used some diapers that have sincebeen discontinued. I don't know WHY these diapers were discontinued, I thought they were fantastic. Of course you can find them used, check out the forums on or some retailers may still have a bit in
stock. I know I still have a few larges hanging around.

This AIO diaper was made by Thirsties. I have already done an entry on one of their products, so to read about the company check out this entry

Do you see how adorable my little guy
is in these pictures? I took these shots in his very first cloth diaper, which happened to be the xsmall Thirsties AIO. They looked the least intimidating to me, no need to add an insert, stuff a pocket or add a cover. Just put them on like a disposable. They do have an opening though for those super soakers to add an extra layer of absorbing material. I put this diaper on him, and took out my camera to grab a few shots of him for his birth announcement. I think he pooped in it within minutes, but no leaks!

I didn't use these diapers very long, probably a month or two until my little guy outgrow the xsmall size. Here are my pros and cons of this diaper.

  • I was not scared to use it! As a first time cloth user it was the first diaper I grabbed, no nonsense, easy to use
  • Has a pocket to add extra layers if your child needs it
  • Dried quicker than my other AIO's that I was using
  • Very soft
  • It was a trim diaper
  • Velcro worked well, I didn't have any issues with it, although I did only use it for a short time
  • No leaks
  • The leg gussets held in the explosive breastmilk poo
  • They sold for a good price for an All in One diaper (around $15-$16 US)
  • They had adorable colours available
  • The Xsmall fit under the umbilical stump
  • The xsmall also fit the scrawny chicken legs of my newborn
  • They were discontinued!
  • There are not so great reviews for this product on
  • Heavy wetters seem to have major leaks with this diaper
  • I found they stained pretty easily and took a while to get the stains out

I don't really have too many other cons. I didn't use these diapers long term, just for the newborn stage and then decided I really didn't want to use AIO diapers. However, they were easy to use, very close to using a disposable diaper, I found they fit my little skinny newborns legs great and never had a leak with them.

If you want to try them, try looking for them used or check out some retailers and you may get lucky!

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Cloth Diaper Challenge Day # 8 bumGenius Bamboo Fitted Diaper

Cloth Diaper Challenge Day # 8 bumGenius Bamboo Fitted Diaper

Another amazing product from bumGenius! Unfortunately these diapers have been discontinued and no word yet on a possible replacement for these much loved bamboo fitteds!

To learn more about bumGenius look back a couple at my review on the bumGenius 3.0s. I won't repeat all the company information, just a review on the Bamboo fitted diaper today.
The Bamboo fitted was made for parents who were looking for a fitted diaper (one that is not waterpoof, a cover needs to be used for these diapers) and also natural fibers to be against their baby's delicate skin. The bamboo diaper is super soft and absorbs moisture and is made from 80% bamboo and 20% polyester. The soaker is made from Cotton Babies microfiber terry insert.

These diapers are super trim and come in extra small, small, medium and large. I bought mediums for my son last summer (at 6 months old) and he is still wearing them now at almost 18 months old. The xsmall size can fit a newborn because they were designed to fit under the umbilicus to keep the entire area free of moisture and dampness. I wouldn't recommend them as a night time option, but I love using them during the day without a cover.

Here are my pros and cons for the bumGenius Bamboo Fitted diaper

  • Very trim diaper
  • Natural fibers against your baby's soft skin
  • The diaper is very soft even after many washes
  • Avoid diaper rash and heat rash in the summer with a breathable fitted diaper
  • They don't get a stink to them because they are made of natural fibers
  • Reasonably priced brand new at $12.95 US
  • They have been discontinued so the only way to get your hands on these is to find them used
  • They are a multi size diaper, so you would have to purchase, xsmalls, smalls, mediums and larges as your baby grows
  • They do need a cover if your child is going to wear clothes over them
  • I find once my son pees in it the entire diaper is saturated. Other fitteds we have used only soak in the front
  • The hook and loop (velcro) is not as sticky after a year of use
  • They stain easily. Not just poop stains, but the outside of mine are a greyish colour because they take on every other colour diaper in the washing machine. After a year of use they are not the nice natural colour anymore
I had a beautiful collection of PUL diapers and then last summer my DS would break out in a heat rash so I had to buy some fitted diapers. I love fitted diapers, and I use them in the warm months and not as often in the winter. If you find a few of these diapers used I would say go ahead and try them! They are super trim, absorb well, and look adorable. Maybe bumGenius will bring out a new bamboo fitted product? Perhaps a one size option?

Have you become a fan on facebook for the Cloth Diaper Challenge? I post the links to each review and would love feedback and diaper requests

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Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #7 Green Acre Designs Pocket

Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #7 Green Acre Designs Pocket Diaper

There is nothing cuter out there than embroidered diapers! This was my son's custom birthday diaper. It will be a diaper that I will keep forever and he still wears it even when it is not his birthday just because it is so cute. It is a Green Acre Designs pocket diaper.

Shannon Story is the work at home mom behind Green Acre Designs (GAD for short). She started by sewing diapers for her oldest son when he was 10 months old. She says they were not pretty but they did the job, how far her diapers have come! After a lot of changes and playing around she finally came up with a design that looked nice, without scratchy velcro, and no saggy wings on the diapers. Her web store opened back in May 2004, more improvements were made to the sizing and in 2006 a medium long size was added to the line up.

I have emailed Shannon many times, she was very sweet with helping me come up with a diaper for Luke for his birthday, and got it done quickly. She is very committed to her business but also her family. Trying to balance both can be a challenge but she seems to have it under control.

GAD's product line offers pocket diapers, all in one diapers, breathable GADimal pocket diapers, diaper covers, one size semi-fitteds, and inserts. I am reviewing the pocket diaper today, but would love to try her other products in the future.

GAD's are so popular due to their adorable embroidery. You can buy the diapers with no embroidery, or you can add a pirate, monkey, monster, robots, cupcakes and more adorable embroidered patterns.

The pricing for GAD pocket diapers is $15.95 US for a basic PUL pocket with microfleece, or $23.95 with embroidery added to it.

Here are my pros/cons of the GAD pocket diaper

  • Side snapping is convenient and prevents "wing droop"
  • Microfleece is very soft against baby's bum and wicks away moisture
  • Sized diapers give your baby a custom fit
  • No scratchy velcro rubbing against your baby's belly
  • Snap diapers don't wear out like velcro
  • Easy on the go changes with an active toddler
  • Adorable colour combinations such as violet and pink, black and fuchsia, teal and light blue, neon lime and fuchsia and many more
  • Can't forget the embroidery you can add to your baby's bottom
  • Snaps do take a bit of getting used to and to find the best fit
  • No one size option so your baby will outgrow all their adorable diapers!
  • Not being able to afford one of each colour and pattern :)
  • In the winter having to put pants over these cute diapers!
I don't really have any cons. If I had an unlimited budget I would add many embroidered diapers to add to my sons diaper stash. I like the fit, they are soft, well made, hold up well over time, and they are made by a very sweet work at home mom.

If you are looking for a great pocket diaper, grab a few of these. And if you have the money to splurge add an embroidered one (like the new cupcake one that says "Bite me"). Make sure to visit the Green Acre Design website here and become a fan on facebook. Occasionally Shannon will post a photo contest or some great deals for her facebook fans. Make sure to check it out!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cloth Diaper Challenge Day # 6 DryBees Fleece Nighttimes

Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #6 DryBees Fleece Nighttime Pocket

I hate to say it, but I don't have a picture of Luke in this diaper! Darn! I thought I was pretty good about taking a picture of him in every diaper he wore, but I guess I missed this one. He wore the small DryBees Overnight Fleece diaper only a handful of times before I switched to the bumGenius for overnights. I guess I forgot to take pictures of him right before bed in this diaper.

DryBees started out in 2003 with just 5 yards of fabric. The products were all made at the kitchen table of Lisa Adkins at night once her children were in bed. DryBees started to take off, and soon there was more orders than she could sew in a night. With her mother taking on the seamstress job, the business continued to grow. In 2005 she lost her mother and could not keep up with the growing demand, and she took on a new seamstress who works in the comfort of her own home so she can be with her children. DryBees is located in West Virginia.

DryBees product line includes an All in One diaper, DryBees Lacies, Night time diapers, and fitted diapers. My review today is on the night time fleece diapers which I tried when my son was a few weeks old.

I bought two of the DryBees Night Times to use at night time. They are made of fleece and very soft. I would want to wear one to bed if I had to! They are made out of the same pattern as the other DryBees diaper but made with heavy weight malden mills windpro fleece. In the description it does say because of the fabric used to make them they are more bulky than typical PUL pocket diapers. These diapers were brought back by popular demand.

The DryBees Night times are priced at $19.50 each US. It is a good price for a quality night time cloth diaper. They come in a variety of colours including baby blue, black, brick, orange, cobalt, lemonade, navy, charcoal, mocha and more! No cover is needed, and they each come with an insert to use in the pocket diaper.

I really didn't use these diapers a whole lot to give you a pros/cons of them. I liked how soft they were, how well they absorbed, how dry my baby felt when he woke up in the mornings. However they were way to bulky for my little guy. I had a hard time fitting pj's overtop of this diaper and his legs looked to be a mile apart. Each diaper fits different babies, and I just had a very skinny baby and I found they were not the best fit. Of course if I tried one now they might fit him a lot better.

If you are having a hard time finding a nighttime solution I suggest you look into these. They have worked well for many babies, which is why they brought this diaper back. I am sorry I don't have any action shots for you. I will make sure it doesn't happen in the future.

Check out the DryBees website for more on their overnight diapers and their other products here

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #5 bumGenius 3.0

Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #5 bumGenius 3.0

A few weeks ago an announcement was made that shocked the cloth diaper community. Cotton Babies was discontinuing their beloved bumGenius 3.0 diaper. It was later announced that the 4.0 was coming out with changes everyone would be sure to love. This review is on the 3.0 version, one of my very favourite diapers and my leak proof nighttime diaper, I look forward to adding my review for the 4.0 product in the near future.

Jennifer Labit is the women behind bumGenius diapers. Their company, Cotton Babies, began with $100 worth of product in a green milkcrate, and continued to expand throughout their household, until 2005 when they moved into their first commercial space and 2006 they opened the first retail store. In 2005 they launched the bumGenius product line. Their products are both made in Denver, Colorado and Alexandria Egypt. The products sold in the US are generally made at the US location, where all the international orders come from the Egypt factory.

bumGenius' product line includes the One Size bumGenius 3.0, a discontinued Bamboo fitted, all in one diapers, an organic line, Flip and Econobum. This review is for the now discontinued One Size 3.0

I heard a lot about these diapers while I was pregnant and deciding which type of diaper to go with. I read about a lot of women who used these as their bullet proof night time option. I ended up buying one in every colour (except the pinks) and these are what I still use at night time. They are a one size diaper, meant to fit from 8-35lbs. My son is right now about 18lbs, at 16 months and is at the second rise setting on the diaper. The diapers are easy to use, stuff the one size microfiber insert into the pocket, put it on your baby, and velcro shut! Easy as that. At first they looked like they would be hugeon my newborn, but they turned out to fit very well with the newborn insert.

The inner fabric that touches your baby is soft, sueded that wicks away the moisture and even after 12 hours overnight my little one's bum is nice and dry. The leg casings fit great around my son's thighs to prevent leaks and explosions, and we have only ever had a handful of leaks, mostly due to human error.

Here is my list of pros and cons on the diaper. Keep in mind these diapers have been used daily for over 16 months now. They are oldest diapers I am still currently using.

  • One size option makes them more cost effective. They will last you until potty training (hopefully)
  • Convenient if you have 2 in diapers, just adjust the rise setting and you can fit them on your newborn and toddler
  • Cute colours! I love the Twilight colour (possibly because I am a huge twilight fan? Who knows!)
  • My little guys bum always feels dry even if the diaper weighs almost as much as he does in the morning
  • I can put him to bed in this diaper and not be worried about him waking up wet. He was soaking through a disposable at nighttime, but this diaper held up against leaks!
  • Well known brand, with a ton of users that would be more than happy to help you out if you are having any problems

  • I have got to say, my least favourite thing about these diapers is the fact that I have to reach into the diaper and pull out the insert before washing. After a long night, it is a soaking wet, warm, insert and there is just no way around it without getting your fingers wet
  • The hook and loop wears out. It is a part of usage, and I can't wait to see the new hook and loop improvements on the 4.0, but my well loved 3.0's have lost most of their sticking power and will need to be converted to snaps
  • I have only had elastic problems with 1 diaper, and it was a bumGenius diaper. It was fairly easy to fix it, and their improvements have made it even easier to replace
  • A little one the pricier side. I am a cheap person, and I have found other pocket diapers that are comparable for almost $10 less a diaper
  • The microfiber "stink" I have to strip them fairly frequently to keep the ammonia smell away
Seeing as I have used these diapers for so long, that despite the cons I listed I still use them and encourage other families to try them out. I am looking forward to trying the 4.0 diapers to see the improvements. Including, a more generous size (isn't really needed for my super tiny guy), snap option, and easier to replace the elastic. Plus the new colours.

Visit the Cotton Babies website to learn more about their bumGenius diapers here or find their facebook page here. They don't have contests regularly like some other diaper companies but they did have a photo contest last summer. The pictures in this entry are ones I took for the contest, and I did not mind that my neighbours stared at me like a crazy person while setting up my diaper line down by the water.

Stay tuned for my 4.0 review coming soon!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #4 - Happy Heiny Pocket Diapers

Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #4 - Happy Heiny Pocket Diapers

Happy Heiny's slogan is "Diapers you can use with confidence." You don't want to be using a product and be worried about having a leak, or a poop explosion. You want to find a product that does what it is meant to do, while looking good at the same time! Happy Heinys are one of the most popular brands of cloth diapers out there. They were one of the first I heard about when I started looking into cloth diapers, and some of their patterns are adorable. In the above picture my son is wearing the Jolly Roger pattern, perfect for a little boy.

While browsing the Happy Heiny website, they take pride in the fact that many celebrities are not only choosing cloth diapers for their babies, but are also choosing to use Happy Heinys! They have a list of celebrities and also pictures of their babies wearing their diapers. One of them is Melissa Joan Hart, you may remember her as Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Happy Heinys have also been featured in magazines, if the media is giving them coverage, they must be worth trying!

Mike and Linda are the creators of Happy Heinys, they have three children, their youngest (who is now not so young!) was the original Happy Heiny baby and the reason behind the beginning on their amazing diapers. Their goal started out like many parents, wanting to be able to stay home with their kids while they are young.

The Happy Heiny product line contains One Size Diapers, One Size Snap Diapers, Mini One Size diapers, Pocket Diapers, Fitted Diapers, Diaper covers, Trainers, Inserts, Organic Heiny Spray, and Wetbags.

Today I am going to review the small pocket diapers I used, and in the future you will see the other products as well.

The Happy Heiny pocket diapers are designed so the only material touching your baby's sensitive skin is the soft fleece. No leg casings, which makes for a better fitting diaper, contains messes better and also doesn't leave a red mark on your little one's legs. The diapers come in both velcro and snaps, for which ever you find more convenient (or whichever your toddler can't remove him/herself).

I used a few small Happy Heinys in the early weeks with my son. They fit after about 2.5 weeks and the smalls lasted for about 5 months before they became too tight. They were easy to stuff, no leaks, they didn't stain, they were very soft against his bum, fit great around his legs, even when they didn't have a lot of chub on them and of course I loved the patterns I had.

Here are a few of the Pros/Cons I found while using these diapers

  • Softest inside compared to other pocket diapers we used
  • No red marks were left on his legs
  • The aplix stuck well
  • The laundry tabs actually worked really well
  • No leaks or explosive poop that got out
  • A ton of solid colours to choose from and a lot of adorable patterns (like Pink Hibiscus, Silly Monkeys, Cow Hide, Tie Dye, and Cheetah
  • The smalls fit from almost the beginning but didn't last that long
  • The waist tab is really wide, which I found looked uncomfortable for my baby when he was sitting
  • The inside goes "pilly" looking after some uses
  • The inserts are microfiber which can get a "stink" to them
The Happy Heiny sized pocket diapers are $14.95 US each. That is a reasonable price for the well made, quality diaper you receive. If you own some of these diapers don't forget to submit a picture for their photo contests. I love companies that have giveaways like this, once a month a new Happy Heiny baby is picked. You can see the past winners here

Their website is great, easy to navigate and full of a ton of information make sure to check it out here

Thanks for reading my Happy Heiny sized Pocket review, be sure to check back for more Happy Heiny product reviews in the future.

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Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #3 - Thirsties Covers

Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #3 - Thirsties Diaper Covers

When I first decided to cloth diaper, I created a newborn diaper stash with a bit of everything. I was pretty sure I wouldn't use prefolds. That was until a few months before my son was due when I decided I had to get newborn prefolds and some covers to use. Newborns go through so many diapers a day, a pretty all in one diaper might only last 5 minutes before the next poo! Prefolds were easy, cheap and the cute covers could be reused. I started off with some Thirsties XSmall covers.

Thirsties line of cloth diapers launched in 2004 in an effort to produce quality cloth diapers at affordable prices. Thirsties is proud to say that all of their products are USA made by a group of very talented women, many of whom work at home. A lot of cloth diapering companies can't say their products are made locally, but Thirsties can! Thirsties is committed to becoming Carbon Neutral. They have installed many solar panels that will produce enough electricity to cover more than all of the business' needs.

Thirsties has quite the product line that includes diaper covers, duo diapers, duo wraps, fab fitted, prefolds and inserts, laundry detergent, wipes, wet bags, pail liners, and wipe solution. I will review the other products at some point in my cloth challenge, but I am going to tell you more about the Thirsties diaper covers.

The Thirsties Diaper covers are the best selling diaper wrap on the market today. They launched in 2006, after over 18 months of testing. The Xsmall covers I had for my newborn fit great and fit well over newborn prefolds. The leg gussets are wonderful and contain all those explosive breastmilk poops. The xsmall size also features an umbilical cut out for your newborn.

Here are some of my Pros/Cons of the Thirsties Covers

  • They fit great on a newborn baby
  • They contain messes wonderfully
  • They are easy to wipe clean to reuse for multiple uses
  • They go on easy and the velcro holds up over time
  • They come in adorable colours such as butter, celery, aqua, baby blue, raspberry, lavender, ocean and a basic white
  • They are inexpensive priced at just $11.50 each

  • The xsmall size doesn't last very long, you will have to buy smalls, mediums, and larges if these are your diaper covers of choice
  • They have a roomier fit, which is perfect for fitteds or chunky babies, but with a prefold on a skinny baby they don't have the best fit
  • They are a little bit bulkier than some pocket and all in one diapers
  • Can be a bit more confusing for new cloth diaper users to use, especially if you are folding and pining your prefolds for a trimmer fit
I can't honestly come up with a ton of cons for this product. I think this is a perfect system for a newborn. They are inexpensive, so you can get 8 covers, and 2 dozen prefolds for under $200 and that will last you 2 days between washing. Of course they work well for older babies as well, simple and inexpensive! The company behind the product is great, they have amazing customer service and are committed to making the world a greener place and providing you affordable cloth diapering options.

To find out more about Thirsties you can visit their website
Stay tuned for reviews on the rest of their wonderful products

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #2 - Very Baby AIO's

Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #2 - Very Baby AIO's

These were my first cloth diaper purchase, I got them off of the buy/sell forum on When I got them in the mail I could not believe how tiny they were and how cute they looked! I carried them around in my purse showing them off to everyone I knew, it got me really excited to cloth diaper.

First off let me explain about Very Baby. Very Baby was started by Jessica, who was frustrated by how hard it was to find quality cloth diaper making products. She opened One Stop Diaper Shop in April 2002 selling hard to find cloth diaper fabric, specialty notions and diaper sewing patterns. After a few years of growth they merged One Stop Diaper Shop with their diaper pattern company, Very Baby. In 2007 Very Baby launched and has continued to be successful.

Very Baby diaper patterns can be purchased on their website and range from $9.95 for their One Size Pocket diapers to $10.95 for their Very Basic All in One diaper pattern. You can also buy all your materials to make these diapers as well. How much more convenient can you get?

Of course if you are not a sewer and just want to try out one of their diapers they have approved Very Baby Seamstresses that sell the diapers online. One of the sites is Tallulah Baby, and they sell the Very Basic All in One diapers for $17.00 for their newborn size. To see their other approved seamstresses and to find out more click here.

I bought these diapers used, from a mama who made them. I wanted to try out some all in one diapers, thinking they would make the transition to cloth diapering easier, since all in one's are as close to a disposable diaper as you can get. I started using them when my son, Luke was a week old. I bought the newborn size which fits to 12lbs. There are multiple sizes so you can get that perfect fit! Newborn, Small, Medium, Medium-Long (longer rise), Large and Extra Large. I loved using this diapers, but soon realized that all in one diapers were just not for me, which was why when he outgrow them I didn't purchase the next size.

Here is my pro/con list of the Very Baby AIO diapers, keep in mind different diapers fit different babies and this was my experience from using them with a newborn.

  • If you are a sewer you can buy the pattern, buy the fabric and make a ton of diapers and save yourself money
  • Even if you aren't a sewer the prices for their All in One diapers already made are reasonably priced for that type of diaper
  • The AIO diapers are so easy to use, no stuffing, snapping in inserts, folding, just put it on the baby like a disposable diaper
  • The many sizes help get a perfect, trim fit for your baby. I could use the newborn size right from the get go
  • Perfect diaper bag diaper!
  • Contained that explosive newborn poop great
  • Never had a leak of any sort with these diapers
  • I quickly found out all in one's were not for me. They take a long time to dry!
  • To keep the PUL in good shape they recommend air drying, which means it can take 24-36 hours to get the diapers dry! (it was the middle of winter) I didn't have enough diapers to have some out of rotation for 2 days to be washed/dryed
  • The newborn size gets outgrown quickly, but the small size doesn't start fitting right from the beginning.
  • I found the diapers got a little "crunchy" over time

Some people love all in ones, and then I would recommend you try these ones with their great fit. But for me, even now, I am not a fan of all in one diapers, I don't mind having to stuff, fold or snap in an insert.

If you are a sewer, I would recommend buying the pattern and making some!


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #1 - gDiapers

Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #1 - gDiapers

What better place to start, than with the diapers I started with. I heard about gDiapers while I was pregnant, bought a few starter packs and these were the diapers I used faithfully at the beginning of my cloth diaper journey.

Lets start off with discussing the company behind gDiapers. gDiapers was founded by Jason and Kim, who were concerned with the impact of disposable diapers on our planet and wanted to make a difference. They found an Australian company that made flushable diapers, and brought the idea back to the USA with them. In 2005 they opened the front doors of their home office in Portland and it has grown ever since!

I love their philosophy, "fair dinkum" which means being genuine and real with everyone you encounter. The staff at gHeadquarters are great. I have had quick email responses from them with any questions or issues I have had with their diapers. They are quick to respond to their facebook page if someone has a question, and they share their weekly "going-ons" online so you can see what it is like at the gHeadquarters. They even have staff yoga sessions, what a cool place to work!

Now onto their diapers.

gDiapers are a three part system. The gPant is the outer
bit, it is made of soft cotton in a ton of adorable patterns and solids with equally cute names. Go Fish Blue is our favourite shade of gPants. Inside the pant is the waterproof nylon snap in liner. If the liner gets a bit of poop on it, just unsnap it and snap in a new one and you can reuse the same cover. Then you need to decide if you are going to use the gCloth or the gRefills inserts. The gRefills insert, which can be flused or composted, are a great option if you are traveling or camping. If you are just not ready to make the leap all the way into cloth, this is a good stepping stone. You are still being environmentally friendly. We used infant prefolds in ours at the beginning and now use gCloth, which is trim and made of hemp/cotton and microfle

I started using these when my son was a week old. He was born at 8lbs 8oz, so he was a good sized baby. He did lack the "chub" on the legs to make a good seal with the diaper, so we did experience a few leaks at the start. I found gDiapers had a learning curve to them, unlike other cloth diapers we have used. You don't want to put them on too tight, or the liner will gap around your babies leg and cause a leak. I was very cautious at the beginning to check and make sure I had "a perfect seal."

We moved from the size small to medium at ar
ound 8 months old. My son can still fit in a small at 16 months old, but he is on the tiny side. If you have a bigger baby, it seems they outgrow the largers and there is no bigger size ... yet. gDiapers just released their Tiny G's, made for 5-10lb newborns. I can't wait to try these on my new baby. Just last week gDiapers introduced gStyle, a matching diaper/tshirt combo, one for boys and one for girls! They keep growing and growing, and I am crossing my fingers they make a training pant in the near future.

Here is a basic price list for their products (prices are in US dollars)
Little gPants range from $16.99 - 18.99 each and include 1 nylon line
Everyday G's 6 pack is on sale for $70 right now, regularly $101 and includes 6 gPants
New Baby Bundle is $159.99 and include 12 Tiny G's, 6
Small gPants and a case of gRefills
2 Pant packages are 29.99
gRefills are $14.49 or $57.96 for a case
gCloth is priced at $29.99 for a package of 6

Next up, my pros and cons. Remember, all diapers fit babies differently, these are just a few of my personal pros/cons to the gDiaper system (and I have been using them off an on for 16 months)

  • Being able to switch between using cloth and the gRefills can make it easier for families wanting "the best of both worlds" I used the gRefills while out shopping and had my diaper bag stocked with them, until I took the leap and went all the way to cloth
  • Velcro does up at the back, making it difficult for babies to undo, and easier for diaper changes with babies on the run
  • Breathable pants so you avoid rashes
  • The outerpants are such a nice soft cotton, they feel like underwear
  • Being able to unsnap the liner if it gets messy and keep reusing the gPant
  • All the cute colours and patterns! I can find a gPant to match every shirt in my son's closet

  • The velcro wears out - no matter how careful you are it eventually starts to curl and stick to everything other than the diaper
  • The cotton pants become very "worn" looking after a lot of use. Just like clothing, all the wear and tear shows on my gPants that have been used for over a year
  • The nylon snap in liner looses it's waterproofness. They need to be replaced every 6 months, and shipping to Canada is so expensive, I have yet to replace them and my pants now become damp if the diaper is on too long
  • The learning curve, if I am in rush I can put the diaper on too tight and cause a gap and I get a leak along Luke's leg, I never get that with other diapers
  • They bunch up at the front when the baby pees. It has happened everytime with either the gRefills or the gCloth. I need to make sure he is changed after each time he goes, or else it will cause a leak because it has bunched up. It didn't happen so bad with the prefolds we used
I love the company, I love the colours and patterns and the gCloth, and I have converted many people to using gDiapers in the past. I didn't use them for a while, I preferred other cloth diapers, but now my son is an active toddler, gDiapers are easy to put on when you are dealing with running diaper changes.

I hope you have learnt a bit about this great company and product. Visit their website for more info - or visit their facebook page
My favourite thing about them? All sorts of fun photoshoots in matching gDiapers!

Cloth Diaper Challenge List

Cloth Diaper Challenge List

Here it is! I am sure there are more to add to it, but here is my starting point. I am going to start with the diapers I already own and go from there and get my way through this list. I will cover pocket diapers, fitted diapers, contour diapers and even flats! I have never used flats before. I don't think I will venture into prefolds - but I may!

Feel free to add to this list if I am missing something. Now let's get started!

The Cloth Diaper Challenge

All In One’s

SposoEasy™ All-In-One Diaper

Bum-Ware Easy All-In-One

Bottombumpers Side Snapping AIO Diaper

bumGenius!™ Deluxe All-In-Ones

Dream-Eze AIO

Annie Marie Padorie AMP All-In-One

Green Acre Designs GAD Stuffable AIO

Fluffy Butt Club Breathable Fleece AIO

Tot Wraps™ Dream Diaper™

The Eli Monster AIO

All Together Deluxe Diaper

Imse Vimse All-in-One Diaper


Mother-Ease All In One

Re-Uz’m Elite All-In-One Diaper

EcoBumz™ All-In-One Diaper

CrazyCloth Kaddy Bums AIO

TurtleTails All in One Cloth Diapers

Assy's Cloth Diapers AIO

Dream Makers Designs AIO

Swaddlebees AIO

Micro Doodlez™ AIO

Kissaluvs Marvels One-Size AIO Diaper

Bottombumpers Hook & Loop AIO Diaper

Nana's Bottoms AIO

Blessed Bottoms All-In-One Diaper

Chunky Monkey Diapers AIO

PouPond™ Cloth Diaper


Baby Softwear All-in-One

Starbunz AIO

LittleBeeCreation AIO

Made by Mommie Boutique (ebay) AIO Cloth Diapers

Kushies Ultra

Bumkins All-In-One

Diaper Pro Yucky Duck All In One

Wonder Works AIO™

Minkee Magic Alls AIO

All In Two’s

Gro Baby System

SoftBums All-in-One

Flip Diapering System by the makers of bumGenius

AppleCheeks™ Envelope Cover

Rainshine Designs All-In-Two Diapers

Baby SoftWraps PUL AI2

Cuddlebug Cloth All-in-Two Diaper

Otter Blotters™ All-In-Two Diaper

Chic to Cheek Organic Hemp All in One Diaper

Sun Seedlings™ AIO Diaper

Little Lambs AIO

Baby SoftWraps Fleece SoftWrap AI2

Best Bottom one size diaper system

Fishnoodles Solo Flyer AIO

Annie Marie Padorie AMP All In Two

Grasshopper Diapers

Very Baby Very Basic All-In-One Diaper

Rainforest Babies Snap 'n Wrap™ Diaper

Doodle Bunz™ All In One

Sweet Pea-in-a-Pod AI3

Blueberry™ Stuffable AIO

JamTots BerryPlush AIO

Willow Buns AIO/AI2 Diaper

Econobum One-Size Diaper Cover and One-Size Prefold

Daisy Doodles Bikini Bottoms™ AIO

Monkey Doodlez™ AIO

goodmama™ The One

Just Ducky Baby™ One-Size All-In-One

Muttaqin Baby AIO

Dri-Line Bamboo Baby One Size AIO

Loveybums™ LIO

Just Ducky Baby™ Deluxe All-In-One

Snap-EZ Eco One Size Pocket Diaper

Marvels One Size AIO

My Sweet Punkin Patch AIO Cloth Diaper

Contoured Cloth Diapers


Caras Maternal Connections CMC Contour

Kissaluvs Contour Diaper

Imse Vimse Flannelette Contour Diaper

Imse Vimse Terry Contour Diaper

Bumkins Fold Over Contoured Diapers

Fitted Cloth Diapers

Kissaluvs Cotton Fleece Fitted Diaper

Clover™ Fitted Diaper

Cloth Couture Fitteds

Mother-ease Sandy's

Crickett's Hemp Diaper

bumGenius!™ Deluxe Bamboo Fitted Diaper

Scuttlebutts Fitted Diaper

Heartland Dreams Fitted

Bumboo Bamboo Diaper

Tinkle Traps Prefold Fitted

Sticky Peas Fitteds

Piddle Poddles Fitted Diaper

Breezy Babies Organic Bamboo Flexible Fitted PeeWell Diaper

Nanipoos Diapers

Tykie Diapers Fitteds

Little Beetle™ Hemp Original Fitted Diaper

MandisMenagerie Fitted Cloth Diaper

Sweet Soft Simple Fitted

Little Beetle™ ONE {trim}™

MonkeyBuns Diapers Fitted Cloth Diaper

P ’tits Dessous Bamboo Fitted Diaper

Bunny Bums Fitteds

BubuBebe Newborn Diaper

Mima's Fitteds

Tohu Boho Baby Chic Diaper

Cloth-eez® Prefold-Fitted Diaper

Klbs Baby Boutique CozzyBunz

piper's closet fitted diaper

Pampered Cheeks Growing Cheekies

Thirsties® Cotton Fitted Diapers

Batik Bum Fitted Diaper

Play All Day Cotton Flannel Fitted

Breezy Babies Prefold Shell

Wallypop Fitted Diapers

Luxe Baby Organic Cotton T&T Diaper

Little Beetle™ Hemp Lite Fitted Diaper

Bijou Baby Gear Fitted Diaper

Tiny Birds Organic Fitted Diaper

Tender Tush Organics Fitted Cloth Diaper

El Bee Baby Diaper (Regular)

Very Baby Simply Nights

Dream-Eze Fitted Diaper

Sun Seedlings™ Quick-Dry Fitted

Kissaluvs Organic Cotton/Hemp Fitted Diaper

Swaddlebees Organic Cotton Velour Fitted Diaper

Under the Nile Fitted Organic Diaper

Little Lions Fitted Diaper

Firefly Diapers "Quick Dry" Fitted Diapers

Bumkins Bamboo Fitted Diaper

Stinky Couture™ Fitted

GMD Infant Fitted Diapers

Loveybums™ Fitted Diaper

Holden`s Landing Fitteds

Wickeez Diaper

Kiwi Pie Fitted Diaper

Happy Heiny's® Happy Hempys

Happy Heiny's® Heiny Huggers™

Green Sprout's Velour

Sugar Peas Two Size Diaper

sustainablebabyish organic bamboo fleece fitteds

Snugglebottoms With Velcro

All Together Diaper Company Fitted Diaper

JamTots Eezi-fold Quick-Dry Hemp Fitted Diaper

Swaddlebees Organic Cotton Terry Fitted Diaper

Kushies Basic Diaper

MJ's Fitted Cloth Diapers

Crickett's 100% Cotton Diaper

Thirsties® Fab Fitted Diapers

Little Beetle™ ONE™ Organic Fitted Diaper

Bamboozle Fitted Diaper

Dappi Cloth Velcro-Fit Cloth Diaper

Tots Bots

CYA Fitted Diaper

sustainablebabyish Fitted Hemp Diaper

Tots Bots Rainbow Bots (Pastel)

Muttaqin Baby Sized Diaper

Kushies Classics

Wickeez Bamboo Diaper

The Fanciful Fanny Side-Snapping Fitted Diaper

Baby Milano Fitted Cloth Diapers

Ladys and Lads Boutique Fitted

Sckoon Organic Cotton Baby Cloth Diaper

Dri-Line Blue Dog - Form Fitted Diaper

Earth mom and baby – bamboo diaper


sustainablebabyish Flat Cloth Diaper

Birdseye Flats at Little-Lions

Peanutbutter & Ellie Molly Flat

Hemp Babies™ Flat Weeds

Punkin-Butt Organic Hemp/Cotton Flat Diaper

Cloth-eez® Flat Diaper

imagine Birdseye Flat Diapers

One Size Fitteds

DryBees One Size Bamboo

Bella Bottoms® One-Size Fitted Diaper

Bagshot Row Bamboo One Sized Fitted

bumGenius!™ Organic One-Size Cloth Diaper

BubuBebe 3-Step Multi-Size Diaper

Baby Greens Diaper Co. Growing Greens

Mac-a-Doodle OS Fitted

Rayne Catchers One Size

Piddle Poddles OS

Roo-Bug's One Sized Fitted Diapers

GrahamBearWear One Size Fitted

Kooshie Keister One Size Fitted

Little Fancy Pants One Size Fits All Diaper

Blueberry™ One Size Bamboo Velour Diaper

Luke's Drawers One Size Wonder Diaper


Ellabella Bottoms One-Size Fitted Diaper

Swaddlebees One Size Organic Velour Fitted

BabyKicks Organic Fitted

Kiwi Pie One Size Fitted

goodmama™ Organic Bamboo Velour One-Size Fitted Diaper

Patooshie Pants Organic Cotton Bamboo Velour One-Size Fitted Diaper

Kissaluvs Marvels One-Size Fitted

Baby BeeHinds™ Bamboo Fitted (One-Size)

Mother-Ease One Size™ Diaper

Muttaqin Baby 3 Step Rise 1 Size Diaper

Baby BeeHinds™ Hemp Fitted (One-Size)

Monkeys and Angels One Size Fitted Diaper

MamaBless Birth to Potty Nappy System

Snug-to-Fit Diaper (Formerly Snap-to-Fit)

Sammy's One-Size Cloth Diaper

Baby Love One-Sized Fitted Diaper

BabyKicks True One-Size Fitted Hemp Pocket Diaper

One Size Pockets


Knickernappies OneSize Diaper

Rocky Mountain Diapers

AMP one size Duo pocket diaper

DypesbyDixon One-Size Pocket Dype

Incredibella one-size pocket diaper

KCK One™ Diaper

Shinies Diapers

Katydid™ One-Size Pocket Diaper

Tweedle Bugs™ One Size Snap Pocket Diaper

Sweet Pea Diapers One Size Diaper

Blueberry™ One Size Deluxe Diaper

CushytOOsh One Size Pocket Diapers

Rump~a~rooz® One Size

Babyland One Size Cloth Diapers

Nubunz One Size Pocket Diaper

Evolution Free Size Diaper

Pocket Cloth Diapers

bumGenius!™ One-Size Pocket Diaper

FuzziBunz® Perfect Size Diapers

Preston's Pants Pocket

Green Acre Designs Pocket Diaper

FuzziBunz® One Size Pocket Diapers

Knickernappies Pocket Diaper

SNAP-EZ Pocket Diapers

Rainshine Designs Pocket Diaper

Bella Bottoms® Pocket AIO

Hip Hip Baby! Wonderoos™

Chunky Monkey Diapers Pocket

LolliDoo™ eco-pockets™

Caras Maternal Connections Rump Wrap

Komfy Kidz One Size Pocket

Captain Fluffy Pants PUL Pocket

Diaper Change Diaper

Fishnoodles Pocket Jammer

Bugga Bugga Boutique Sized Pocket Diaper

Pampered Cheeks One-Size Pocket Diaper

Blueberry™ Side Snap Minky Pocket Diaper

Fattycakes Envelope Pocket

Wallypop Indispensable Pocket Diaper

Tail Feathers Pocket Diaper

Mommy's Touch™ One Size Pocket Diaper

Happy Hempy's Pocket Fitted Diaper

Happy Heiny's® One Size Pocket Diaper

Thirsties® Duo Diaper

Bumwear Cloth Diaper

Tiny Tush Elite One-Size Pocket Diaper

Blueberry™ One Size Minky Pocket Diaper

Green Acre Designs GAD One Size Semi-Fitted Pocket

Rump-a-rooz® Pocket Cloth Diaper

DryBees Fleece Night Time Pocket Diaper

Monkey Snuggles Pocket Cloth Diaper

Swaddlebees econappi™

Swaddlebees Organic Cotton Velour Pocket Fitted

Annie Marie Padorie AMP Pocket Diaper

Olive Branch Baby Marathon Pocket Diaper

Tiny Tush One-Size Diapers

DryBees Pocket AIO Diaper

Baby Kangas One Size Pouch Diaper

Swaddlebees Pocket Diaper

Cheeky Diapers One-Size Pocket Diapers

Wonder Works Wonderoos One Size Pocket Diaper

Mommy's Touch™ Easy Clean Diaper

Coolababy One Size Cloth Diaper

Thirsties® Pocket All-In-One

Haute Pockets™

Wahmies™ One Size Diaper

Hugga Buns™ Pocket Style All In One

Happy Heiny's® Pocket Style AIO

Cutiepoops Pocket Diaper

g Diapers 'little g' Pants

BabyKicks Bumboo Pocket

Cloth Diaper Wholesale One Size Pocket

Pocket Change™ Diaper

Dri-Line Dri-Stuff Pocket Diaper

Blueberry™ Mini Deluxe