Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #7 Green Acre Designs Pocket

Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #7 Green Acre Designs Pocket Diaper

There is nothing cuter out there than embroidered diapers! This was my son's custom birthday diaper. It will be a diaper that I will keep forever and he still wears it even when it is not his birthday just because it is so cute. It is a Green Acre Designs pocket diaper.

Shannon Story is the work at home mom behind Green Acre Designs (GAD for short). She started by sewing diapers for her oldest son when he was 10 months old. She says they were not pretty but they did the job, how far her diapers have come! After a lot of changes and playing around she finally came up with a design that looked nice, without scratchy velcro, and no saggy wings on the diapers. Her web store opened back in May 2004, more improvements were made to the sizing and in 2006 a medium long size was added to the line up.

I have emailed Shannon many times, she was very sweet with helping me come up with a diaper for Luke for his birthday, and got it done quickly. She is very committed to her business but also her family. Trying to balance both can be a challenge but she seems to have it under control.

GAD's product line offers pocket diapers, all in one diapers, breathable GADimal pocket diapers, diaper covers, one size semi-fitteds, and inserts. I am reviewing the pocket diaper today, but would love to try her other products in the future.

GAD's are so popular due to their adorable embroidery. You can buy the diapers with no embroidery, or you can add a pirate, monkey, monster, robots, cupcakes and more adorable embroidered patterns.

The pricing for GAD pocket diapers is $15.95 US for a basic PUL pocket with microfleece, or $23.95 with embroidery added to it.

Here are my pros/cons of the GAD pocket diaper

  • Side snapping is convenient and prevents "wing droop"
  • Microfleece is very soft against baby's bum and wicks away moisture
  • Sized diapers give your baby a custom fit
  • No scratchy velcro rubbing against your baby's belly
  • Snap diapers don't wear out like velcro
  • Easy on the go changes with an active toddler
  • Adorable colour combinations such as violet and pink, black and fuchsia, teal and light blue, neon lime and fuchsia and many more
  • Can't forget the embroidery you can add to your baby's bottom
  • Snaps do take a bit of getting used to and to find the best fit
  • No one size option so your baby will outgrow all their adorable diapers!
  • Not being able to afford one of each colour and pattern :)
  • In the winter having to put pants over these cute diapers!
I don't really have any cons. If I had an unlimited budget I would add many embroidered diapers to add to my sons diaper stash. I like the fit, they are soft, well made, hold up well over time, and they are made by a very sweet work at home mom.

If you are looking for a great pocket diaper, grab a few of these. And if you have the money to splurge add an embroidered one (like the new cupcake one that says "Bite me"). Make sure to visit the Green Acre Design website here and become a fan on facebook. Occasionally Shannon will post a photo contest or some great deals for her facebook fans. Make sure to check it out!

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