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Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #3 - Thirsties Covers

Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #3 - Thirsties Diaper Covers

When I first decided to cloth diaper, I created a newborn diaper stash with a bit of everything. I was pretty sure I wouldn't use prefolds. That was until a few months before my son was due when I decided I had to get newborn prefolds and some covers to use. Newborns go through so many diapers a day, a pretty all in one diaper might only last 5 minutes before the next poo! Prefolds were easy, cheap and the cute covers could be reused. I started off with some Thirsties XSmall covers.

Thirsties line of cloth diapers launched in 2004 in an effort to produce quality cloth diapers at affordable prices. Thirsties is proud to say that all of their products are USA made by a group of very talented women, many of whom work at home. A lot of cloth diapering companies can't say their products are made locally, but Thirsties can! Thirsties is committed to becoming Carbon Neutral. They have installed many solar panels that will produce enough electricity to cover more than all of the business' needs.

Thirsties has quite the product line that includes diaper covers, duo diapers, duo wraps, fab fitted, prefolds and inserts, laundry detergent, wipes, wet bags, pail liners, and wipe solution. I will review the other products at some point in my cloth challenge, but I am going to tell you more about the Thirsties diaper covers.

The Thirsties Diaper covers are the best selling diaper wrap on the market today. They launched in 2006, after over 18 months of testing. The Xsmall covers I had for my newborn fit great and fit well over newborn prefolds. The leg gussets are wonderful and contain all those explosive breastmilk poops. The xsmall size also features an umbilical cut out for your newborn.

Here are some of my Pros/Cons of the Thirsties Covers

  • They fit great on a newborn baby
  • They contain messes wonderfully
  • They are easy to wipe clean to reuse for multiple uses
  • They go on easy and the velcro holds up over time
  • They come in adorable colours such as butter, celery, aqua, baby blue, raspberry, lavender, ocean and a basic white
  • They are inexpensive priced at just $11.50 each

  • The xsmall size doesn't last very long, you will have to buy smalls, mediums, and larges if these are your diaper covers of choice
  • They have a roomier fit, which is perfect for fitteds or chunky babies, but with a prefold on a skinny baby they don't have the best fit
  • They are a little bit bulkier than some pocket and all in one diapers
  • Can be a bit more confusing for new cloth diaper users to use, especially if you are folding and pining your prefolds for a trimmer fit
I can't honestly come up with a ton of cons for this product. I think this is a perfect system for a newborn. They are inexpensive, so you can get 8 covers, and 2 dozen prefolds for under $200 and that will last you 2 days between washing. Of course they work well for older babies as well, simple and inexpensive! The company behind the product is great, they have amazing customer service and are committed to making the world a greener place and providing you affordable cloth diapering options.

To find out more about Thirsties you can visit their website
Stay tuned for reviews on the rest of their wonderful products

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