Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #12 Bumboo silk Fitted diaper

Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #12 Bumboo Silk Fitted Diaper

Doesn't the title alone make you want to try one? Any diaper that has "silk" in the title it use to grab attention as being a super soft diaper. I was totally impressed when I took it out of it's package and felt how soft it was. I almost didn't want to wash it, or use it. More like stuff it and use it as a stuffed animal.

The Bumboo Silk fitted diaper is made by the company Earth, Mom and Baby. Like many cloth diapering companies, Earth Mom and Baby was started out of a desire to find convenient products that keep babies happy and don't have a huge negative impact on the environment. When one mom couldn't find these products, she turned to her mother to help create the products they now sell.

While Earth, Mom and Baby was born in Canada, the demand for their products could no longer be manufactured at home, during naptime. Their products are now created in a mill and factory owned and run by a women. She runs a clean, bright factory and offers free child care for the women who work there.

Their product line includes the Bumboo Cloth Diapers, the Pika Bubi Nursing and Maternity fasion, and the Panda Pocket Baby Carrier. I have nothing but great things to say about the carrier, but this review is on the Bumboo Diaper.

The Bumboo Bamboo Diapers come in 2 sizes. The smallest size fit tiny babies up to 12lbs and the second size fit until potty training. By having 2 sizes you get a better fit but still save money but only having to buy 2 sizes instead of small, medium and large.

The Bumboo diapers are antibacterial. They are also 100% biodegradeable and compostable after their life as a diaper is over. Polyester used in other cloth diapers is not biodegradeable and will stay in a landfill as long as a disposable diaper. You can be confident that these diapers are the best for the environment and you will leave no environmental footprint behind after your baby has potty trained.

While these are fitted diapers, the do need a cover, but they are so absorbent. Up to 4x as absorbent as cotton diapers, my son can have a major pee and still feel almost dry on the front of the diaper. We hardly ever use a cover, unless we are out and about. The diapers are also adjustable through the waist and through the rise. Making them a perfect fit for different babies of different sizes and shapes.

Here are my Pros/Cons of the Bumboo Diaper

  • My biggest pro is that unlike other diapers I have reviewed the Bumboo diaper claims to be 100% biodegradable. There is no polyester so it can all return to the earth and not sit in a landfill along with disposable diapers and other cloth diapers
  • These diapers are the softest diapers I own! The bamboo/silk combination stays soft after many washes
  • Only 2 sizes so you will save money but also get a diaper that fits great
  • Very absorbent, although a cover is recommended, my son can wear it at home with no cover and have no leaks
  • Very adjustable, so you can adjust the rise and the waist to get a great fit without worrying about if they fit chunky or skinny babies better
  • Priced at $20.88 for Size 1 and $22.88 for Size 2, they are affordable
  • They are only available in the white/natural colour, no funky patterns or vibrant colours if that is what you like to look for in diapers
  • The snaps can be a bit tricky, I find they can be hard to snap
  • The diaper is completely adjustable but it can take some practice to get the rise right, without it drooping

These are beautiful, soft, absorbent diapers. The maker behind the diapers (and the nursing shirt, and carrier) is very knowledgeable and great to work with! Oh and I love finding products designed in Canada! Makes me feel proud to be Canadian to see such great products.
Visit their website here and make sure to join their facebook page. They sometimes have giveaways and contests. Find them here


  1. Wow, thank you so much for the great review! I am happy to let you know that this fall, our new Bumboos with larger snaps will be available. And although I am still avoiding dying our fabric and damaging the antibacterial properties, we are offering Bumboos in a variety of snap colors to up their 'cuteness' factor.

    And you can also watch for our expanding line of Pika Bubi nursing fashions- more sizes, colors and styles are soon to come!
    ~earth, mom and baby

  2. I love these- they are our night-time diapers! I find the snaps a bit tricky too, so I'm happy to hear they're changing them.