Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #15 Blueberry Pocket Diaper

Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #15 Blueberry Pocket Diaper
Sorry for the lack of posting lately, enjoying summer too much! Here is the latest review on the Blueberry sized pocket diapers. My son is wearing a size medium in the above pictures at 6 months old. I fell in love with that pattern (in minky!)

Blueberry is another cloth diapering company created by a mom who wanted to change the way we diaper our babies and help clean up the mess of disposable diapers that are left behind each year (27.4 billion!!! Wow!). Margarita created Swaddlebees at her kitchen table which went on to become a multi-million dollar manufacturer and distributor of organic cotton cloth diapers, diaper covers, accessories and her new line of adorable diapers, Blueberry diapers.

Blueberry diapers launched in 2007, the were fun and fashionable! They no way resemble boring old diapers and pins that so many people think of when they hear cloth diapers. Not only are the diapers made in the USA but they have become very popular due to their adorable animal prints, dots, stripes and fun colours. If I had an unlimited budget I would buy each and every one of Blueberry's diapers.

Their product line includes All in One diapers, pocket diapers, diaper covers and accessories. This review is on the side snapping pocket diaper.

Blueberry no longer offers sized side snapping diapers. They have a selection of one size hook and loop and snap pocets and also a mini deluxe pocket diaper (meant to fit up to 15lbs). I will have to get my hands on these to review them. For my pros and cons keep in mind I was using a medium side snapping diaper.

  • The biggest pro to these diapers is their adorable line of fun patterns! It makes you want to buy them all. My son was wearing the Blue Latte but I don't think they have one I don't like
  • You can get them in Minky! Such a soft fabric, which makes your baby even cuddlier
  • Each diaper comes with 2 microfiber and terry inserts to adjust absorbancy
  • The inner layer is microfleece which keeps your baby's bottom nice and dry
  • Now available in one size! Your baby can wear the adorable diaper even longer. From around 10lbs to 35lbs

  • The biggest con I find is price. They are $24.95 US, and when you try to find them in Canada they can get upwards of $30 per diaper! Which is a little pricey and keeps me from having an entire stash of them
  • I did get some leaks with this diaper. I wouldn't attempt to use it at nighttime
  • The minky is lovely, but it does get "worn" looking to it after many uses
I don't have too many pros/cons for this diaper. I used it for a while but I only had the one. Although I do go to the Blueberry site quite often to drool over all the lovely patterns. I do need to try one of the one size pocket diapers!

Visit their website here to see all their adorable diapers and add one or two (or all of them!) to your stash


  1. great review! i am trying to buy more from this brand after winning an awesome econappi!

  2. great review! I really want to try this diaper out! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great review! I have really been wanting to try out the blueberry diaper covers. My sister loves them!

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