Monday, August 16, 2010

Cloth DIaper Challenge Day #14 bumGenius 4.0

Cloth Diaper Challenge Day #14 bumGenius 4.0

I wrote my review on the discontinued bumGenius 3.0 one size pocket diaper - find it here

The new 4.0 arrived and I have been testing it out the last few weeks before I wrote a review for you. It looks all shiny and new compared to my stash of year old 3.0's. I am trying out the hook and loop version at the moment. They said the hook and loop is new and improved and I am hoping it holds up better than my previous 3.0's.

My biggest complaint about the new 4.0's, is the new colours - Noodle, Bubble and Sweet. In the pictures my son is wearing "Sweet." I find the Noodle and Sweet very "blah." The colour chart makes them look like they have more colour to them than they actually do. They are pretty darn close to white with a greenish tint or a yellowish tint. Bubble is a nice soft purple colour, but Noodle and Sweet are kind of disappointing. I am a bigger fan of the vibrant colours.

As for the other improvements, the do fit a bit bigger, my son can actually wear it on the lowest setting at 18 months old. Then again he is tiny, and less than 18lbs, but he is on the second setting on the 3.0's. The hook and loop does hold up well, sticks to the laundry tabs, but who knows what it will be like in a year. It does feel different than the hook and loop on the 3.0's, but the jury is still out on if it is actually "improved."

As for the easy access elastic change ability. I haven't had to use that new feature yet. Well I should HOPE I wouldn't have had to test that out yet. The diaper has only had 8 or so uses so far, but it does look easier to get to than the old version (which I did have to replace an elastic on)

So my overall review of the diaper? Close enough to the 3.0, that if you want to try out the bumGenius one size pocket line you may as well find some of the discontinued 3.0's on clearance! The 4.0 is still the same diaper with a few minor changes, of course if you are a snaps person you will be pleased with the new snap option available, but I can't say I have noticed any HUGE changes to make me throw out my 3.0 stash and rebuild it with the 4.0's. I am considering switching all the hook and loop with some of the replacement kits available.

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