Friday, March 11, 2011

Cloth Diaper Challenge #16 - LiL Joey

Cloth Diaper Challenge #16 - LiL Joey

I am back from my hiatus, and I have a ton of new diapers to review! And more and more keep coming out.
I am going to start off with sharing the very first diaper to touch my newest son's bum - a LiL Joey All in One.

The Lil Joey's are made by Rumparooz. The Lil Joey is their newborn version. Rumparooz was born in 2006 after the birth of their second child, who had reactions to disposables and after they could not find an ideal cloth diaper to fit her. The inner gusset is their signature to their diapers, and a must to contain messes! These diapers have exploded in popularity (oops I did right poopularity at first - almostseems fitting!) and they released their newborn size, the Lil Joey.

Their product line includes the Rumparooz one size diaper, the Lil Joey, perfect size covers, and organic line, a wool cover, soakers, change pads, wetbags, Oh My! My review today is on the newborn diaper.

When I found out I was pregnant I was most excited for newborn diaper shopping! I skipped the newborn diaper stage with my older son, so I knew I had to try some this time around. I fell inlove with the gumball pattern and had to buy one. This diaper was sitting on my kitchen table awaiting our
baby, who happened to arrive Christmas morning. Having him at home,we were able to put cloth on him right away and Lil Joey was the first one to touch his small bum. Or not so small, at 8lb 12oz the diaper had to be unsnapped in the rise to fit him. No need for the belly button snap down, he was too long and the diaper didn't touch his belly button even when unsnapped.

I can say the inner gusset lived up to all it promises! No escaping breastmilk poop. But boy did the inside of this diaper stain! I almost took a picture of it, the white inner is now bright yellow. I have to say it is getting lighter after each wash.

My little guys is now 11 weeks old, was 11lbs at 6 weeks, and the diaper barely fits. That being said it still does fit on the last snaps, but it does not hold up to his mega pees. If I were going to have another baby (Not happening according to Hubby), I think I would skip these. Knowing I have almost 9lbers they just don't last long enough and absorb enough for my babies. If you are having a small baby, 6-7lbs, go for it! It will fit your baby beautifully and last you way long that it lasted us.

  • Was not bulky under his clothes at all
  • Held in every poop explosion he had
  • Fit his newborn legs with no gaps
  • Cute designs - Gumball was my favourite
  • Its an all in one, so no covers or stuffing! Simple for middle of the night changes
  • Has the snap down for the belly button, so no waiting for the cord to fall off to use these
  • Was no enough absorbency for my little guy after the first 3 weeks or so
  • Does not fit "large" newborns for long, we had it un snapped the first time he wore it at only an hour old
  • The inside stained really bad with the breatmilk poop, it is slowly coming out the more I wash it. I am sure the sun will get it out no problem
I liked this diaper, I don't think I will ever sell it. However, if in the future we have another baby I don't think I will get any more. They don't seem to last us long enough because my newborns are born weighing almost 9lbs. If you have small newborns, I recommend you grab a few, Daddy's will love them! But if you are known to have 9-10lb babies, skip these!
(First picture Owen at 1 hour old, 2nd picture Owen at 3 weeks old and almost 10lbs, and last picture is Owen at 11 weeks and probably 12-13lbs


  1. These look so soft and cute, but I would like to know about fabric which is used in it. As babies skin are sensitive and soft enough so parents should buy non allergic and rash free diapers.

  2. wow. Our baby is due in August, and I haven't even started to think about diapers. I hadn't thought about cloth. something to consider though. Love this cute one at the very least!


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  4. As babies skin are sensitive and soft enough so parents should buy non allergic and rash free diapers.Eyeones Kids